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#L12 Northern European art in the sixteenth century listen to recording.docx

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University of Toronto St. George

Northern European art in the sixteenth century listen to recording • Born in the town of hertogenbosh ca. 1450; the artist used the name bosch to sign his paintings--but last name van Aken • Hieronymus Bosch, Adoration of the Magi tripyych. Closed: mass of st. Gregory • He is seen often as a critique of 17th c. Society and critique of reliigon doctrine • He is actually a very devote artists • Was associated with a confortinity that was dedicated to the Virgin mary • The confortinity took care of his funeral and burial • Special type of altar piece that has three different segments • Meant to be placed on the top of an altar • Subject-> the mass of St. Gregory • Very much the moment when he had a vision of christ as a man of sorrow • Very limited colours • A painting within the opening of the two parts • The host is divided into two pieces before the very momeny of concecration of the mass • See the body of christ in a limited zone • His body will be divided up into piece when we open the altar piece • Metaphor for the very subject of the host during the very moment of the mass • Open: male donnor with st. Peter and female donor with st. Agnes • " never in his life painted anything unnatural, except in terms of hell or Purgatory... He endeavoured to find for his fantastic pictures the rarest objects, but they were always true to nature..." from Karel van mander's life of bosch 1604 • Madonna and child are located down the craking roof • Precarious roof over the head of the madonn and child • The hut is completely dark • Sinister figure inside teh hut • Half naked and has a strange horns like a kind of anti-christ • Adoration of magi • It is usually a serene subject and a moment of hope and love • But here instead, the subject is rendered with this sinister details • Anti-christ and crackling of roof above the madonna • The magi themselves are represented as teh three ages of man • Also three different nationalities • Representing a global christian worship • Have also st. Joseph • As if his role is not important and being set aside • Very cryptic was alot of details • Compare • Workshop of the Master of Flemalle, Merode Altarpiece (Triptych of the Annunciateion open) • Here there are three scenes and disconnected • Rectangular shape • Bosch-> connected togther, one big scene • Bell shape triptych • Another weird thing • The guy in white is holding a sphere that has a bird eating soemthing • Unusual gift, not standard • Bosh. Triptych of st. Anthony, closed: arrest of christ and way to calvary • Similar to the one pervious • Not a total grisile, very limited colour • Two of the most sufferring scenes of history of the new testament • Human beings didn't recognize christ as the son of god • Inisde • Several scenes from the story of st. Anthony • 5th c. Saint • Fantastic creatures everywhere • Narrative doesn't precive in a left right way • Left panel is the ending • Where st. Antony is super tired • In st.antony can see art as portrait • Have seen these demons in Martin Schongauer, Demons tormenting st. Anthony • What is different • In the painting->> exhausted by his own life, as if he couldn't forward • In the engraving we see a more serene st. Anthony that can withstand all the evil forces that surround him • Central panel • Contrast between the saint in a building (in ruins) • See the curcified christ infront of him • Outside in this court • Similar scene • A sinsiter secene • A priest • Altar is a round table • Remale figure • As if the subjects were fighting agaisnt magic • In the back there is a fire • Soduma or fire eluding to the life of st. Anthony • A kind of duality ith teh center, potentionally • Right panel • There are scenes and temptations • Beautiful women who are taking a bat, almost naked to allure him and distract him • Saint is looking towards us to avoid this kind of temptation in fron tof him • Bosch haywain trptych, closed: the peddler • Kind of the everyman • Projecting the regular life • The bridge is very small • The dog is trying to attack him so he is trying the get the dog awy • Life is full difficulties and bad events • Inside: hay wagon heading toward hell • Meditation of the theme of the last judgement • The left panel • Paradise, not the happy paradise, • Adam and eve • The paradise of the beginning of adam
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