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Sacred and Profane in Northern Europe

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Jenny Carson

FAH230H1 Week 11Nov 28 20111128Tilman Riemenschneider Holy Blood Altarpiece Church of St Jacob Rothenburg Germany c 14991505 limewoodreflected the sentiments of reformed Catholicismsacred artworks criticized for venerating themselves rather than Christsaints for being too focused on skill distractingreliquary for a drop of the blood of Christpainted in polychrome but by leaving the work unpainted the artist had made it purifiedmore simplerefinedLuther believed art still have a role in church but argued paintings should be didacticLucas Cranach the Elder the Passional Christi und Antichrist 1521woodcut used as propaganda spread beliefs of different reformerscriticized practices of churchpopethe antichrist is presented as the pope in his luxurious hypocricies he is contrasted against ChristHans Holbien the Younger The cArdinal and the Nun from the Dance of Death designed 152326 woodcutclergyman shown about to die caught in the embarrassing act of selling indulgencesthe nun is caught by death the purifier while lusting after a loverAnonymous Iconoclasm in the Netherlands c 1593depicts iconoclasm taking place in NetherlandsLucas van Leyden the Baptism of Christ 1510a more historically accurate representation of Christs baptismthis compositional inversionwas used by consequent artistssignificance of the subject matter presented in this new way Lucas Cranach the Elder Allegory ofLaw and Grace c 1530 woodcutwoodcut presents Lutheran idea that man can only be saved by gracetext shown beneath picture to make meaning clearer the Law given by Moses doesnt have the grace of salvation yet but on the other side there is a representation of the gracegiving gospel of ChristReformation inspired new genres new themes genres such as still life increased portraits not just upper classsecularization of artHolbien presents the characters of his sitters in a VERY subtle manner
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