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Later 16th C. Art

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Jenny Carson

FAH230H1 Week 12121211thLater 16 C Artchallenged High Renaissance Art a shortlived periodpreviously were often called Mannerist but because of the diversity of these artworks they are no longer recognized as such nowadays called mannered artItalian word manerecourtly gracecharacterized as artificial refinement of naturevirtuosity complexity HRSMannerednarrative was direct compact elaboprate obscure involved meaningcomprehensible clarity central goalspace not always clearly defined Often space measurable harmoniousdisjoinedirregularcompositions were harmonious and conflicting forms seekviolate the frameintegrated centralized pyramid formideal proportionsideal proportionsuncanonical figures elongated to be more naturalgraceful movementrefinedexpressivebalanced controlled harmoniousnaturalgraceful movementtensely posed exaggerated positions figura serpentinatasculpture no longer a primary viewpoint for the viewer they need to walk around itcontrasting often surprisingMichaelangelo Last Judgment Sistine Chapel Vatican Rome fresco 153641reaffirms the cult of the saintsvery dramaticturmoildreadfulness of last day of judgmentppl depicted not in hierarchal dressinfluenced Mannered artself portrait included in the flayed skin of St Bartholomewreflects his concern over spiritual lifewill he be resurrected also reflects the Classical allusion of an artist who challenged Apollo and was flayedcolorbrillianceimpressive representation of individual types and movementcritisized for nudity of the saints a person who critisized Michaelangelos art was said to be painted in the Hell part of this picturesevere criticism he faced reflects new concern for orthodoxy
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