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FAH337 January 27, 2014 ENVY & SLANDER personified Andrea del Castagno Florentine Domenico veneziano Venetian Dark side to the rivalry Botticelli - Connected to mythical paintings - Illiterate - Small painting - Lavish details and setting - Classical architectural background - Incrusted with narrative relief panels or statues - Belonged to - Presented to Antonio (Fabio Segni’s son) - Themse of judgment o Imporatance of good judgment o Moralizing meaning, warning / causion - Recreation of a lost picture from antiquity o Created by the ancient Greek painter, who was a victim of slander o Calumny (slander) - Known and rediscovered in renaissance through verbal description - Cast of characters - Read the paitning from right to left - Seated figure of a prince/ ruler flanked on either side by two female figures who are personification of ignorance and suspicion o Leaning in and whispering into his ear o Engaged in a dialogue with a personification figure of envy  Leading by the hand by an attractive woman (in blue and white) (slander) o Slander drags the victim of slander by the ear o Deceit and conspiracy  Braiding slander’s hair  How slander presents itself o In black: personifies repentance , covering her face in shame, turns face away from the ugly incident and looks back at … o Personification of truth o In the end truthful = supreme o Persuasiveness of rhetoric, masks and conceals ugly motives - Idea of the power of images - Seductive power of images and words o Ornamentation and visual beauty of images Copy of the wiring of Lucian - Either he had someone in the circles of the medicis …to recount the story to him - Bartolomeo della Fonte o Manuscript, illustration - Audience it was geared towards … - Made it and gave it as a gift ? artistic challenge to recreate a lost painting or had personal meaning Segni family: intellectual elite in the city of Florence, interested in the image and
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