Moon Phases

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

Moon’ s Moon’ s orbit Moon’ s c e n t First Gibbousbit Quarter W a xrotation Earth’s night W axinSunset Moon’ s Moon’ s Sunset t e r -unset orbit orbit Mid- EveningoonMid- Full Midnightrnightwphase: Earth’ s night ESunrisel Full g MrDawnione: Dawn rotation Moon’n Fullg Moon’ orbit Last W aningt G i b b o u s Quarter s night Moon phase:bitth’s rotation Crescent Moon’ s orbit Moon’ s First Moon’x i n g Gibboush oA l i c e gr Mid- Waxingbit tA l i c rotation Earth’ s night A l i c e Moon’ s Moon’ s SunsroA f t e r - Sunset Laten oNoon orbit orbFullMid- Evening Noon r i z o nn g nighti c e l M o r n i n g Earth’ s EaSunrise y Full MrDawnione: Dawn
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