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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Susan Pfieffer

AST251 MARCH 19 2012 FROM JOVIAN AND EXTRASOLAR RECAPMars warmer may have liquid water on mars todayThe outer solar systemJupiter 62 moons Saturn 60 and Uranus 27 and 13 for neptine Jovian moonsJup styrn nepturnFirst disBy Galileo looked at Jupiter dots always appeared in line and orbited Jupiter as Jupiter moved not fixed stars Orbital periods few days very quickly Heliocentric Obkects circle jup not outrageous circle around sun Biggest moon staurn was tian by Huygens after the probe Galiean moonsBc gal dicoverdIo eurp gan and calisto distance closer to far size of moon 4 moons part of the large jovian moons Saturn titanAnd Neptune tritonGan big the mercury and Pluto can deform rocks in circle shape and orbit in equatorial plane of planetMoons of jovian planetsSun in middle gas disk in middle for planetismals gaseous outer planets have own disks centur jupoiter around form seprearte planetiskmals mini solar systems same rot as big planetOne exception is trition opp of Neptune and not in equatroal plane it was captured triton like Pluto happen come to close and captured by it Pluto is eccentric orbit further then Neptune but other inside Neptune orbit and may get captured but captire unlikelyCompositionMixture of rocks and ices cinsitent of solar nebula model ice to condense further out
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