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BIO220H1 Lecture Notes - Myoepithelial Cell, Lactiferous Duct, Anterior Pituitary

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Pregnancy and birth and running a marathon
Maternal lactation
There are large numbers of milk producing
Milk produced by epithelial milk secreting cells
Myoepithelial muscle cells when cells contract squeeze milk out on alveoli into milk ducts
Estrogen and progesterone inhibit action of prolactin in milk secreting cells
Prl initiates milk production
Ota acts on myoepithelial cells in milk duct to nipple
Hormonal regulation of lactose
Initiated by baby sucking
Galactopoeitic effect
Mechanoreceptors in nipple activated results in neuro-endocrine response
Sounds baby crying cause higher activation
Inhibition of dopamine in hypothalamus
Inc.prolactin secretion from Anterior pituitary gland
Prolactin activate milk production
Production of milk is only part of process milk must be transported to site of production in
alveoli to ducts to nipple = milk ejection reflex and controlled by OT
OT secretion from maternal pituitary acts in myoepithelial cell to milk ejection
In most mothers milk ejection reflex highly response cry and baby smells activates process
It is important to provide relaxing nursing mothers to occur optimal ejection of milk
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