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Dave Tulumello

BCH210 TutorialFriday December 2 2011WORKBOOK QUESTIONS Soon Yi part V1 If glycogen has a caloric value of 4kcalg and fat has a caloric value of 9 kcalg KNOW THESE VALUESo She lost 79 g of glycogen and 89 g of fat during her morning runo 79 g glycogen79 g times 4 kcal per gram316 kcalo 89 fat801 kcalo So total is 3961kcal 250 g of carbohydrate 10 g protein 15 g fato Muffin caloric content50 g times 4 cal per g plus 10 g times 4 kcal per gram and 15 g times 9 kcal per gram375 kcalo At 400 kcal per hour 375 kcal represents 094 hours of running375 divided by 400o At 200 metres per minute 113 km from this one muffinso 200 times 60 minute per hour times 094 hours 3 Blueberries in smoothie are most powerful antioxidanto Strawberries appleso Anticancerblueberries strawberries flax tofu broccoli garlic scallions 4 Not great because of high content of 182o Which can be converted into 20 four used by COX in inflammation to generate eicosanoids that do promot
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