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Lecture 3

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Doug Thomson

Slide 1:  Energy can come from food metabolism  Ambient temp is the temp in surroundings  Any body tends to equiberlate- with ambient surrounding o If you go out on cold day, you lose heat to environment o If you go out on hot day, you gain heat  Both hot and cold temp are bad for you because you gain/lose heat  Looses are countered by changing heat exchange parameters,  gain and lose heat through 3 main functions o Radiation: electromagnetic energy that radiates from all objects that are warmer than absolute zero\ o Conduction: heat transferred from one object to another object when objects are touching o Convicted: heat transferred with aid of fluid: air but also water  Process of losing heat, will set up convection currents o Evaporation: required wet surface, gets rid of excess heat, o Redistribution: redistributes heat to different body parts, if overheated core, its blood temp is hot, thus pumps hot blood to parts that get cooled Slide 3:  How quickly something can loose heat had to do with surface area volume ration o Surface area is important because is the interface across which heat can be exchanged o More surface area, more heat can be exchanged faster o Volume important because it relates to the overall heat content o Bigger volume means more heat to get rid of o Volume determines how much heat can be shed, surface area determines how fast heat can be shed Slide 4:  What determines the heat capacity
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