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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

L04- BIO 120 Making hay (literlly) slide: Slide 17- a plants a relationship with animals is completely different from the relationship animals hre with plants, because plants make their own food. 18- having big thin flats is a good thing, for harvesting light and pulling out Co2 from the air. 19- when the stomta are open, only then can plants phtosynthesize. 20- if aplant is in danger of overheating, it opens its stomata 21- 26- variation in leaf shape middle on has cut out from the side, and the first leaf has cuts that are deep called sines. Why does aving a bigger sunis matter? Shedding heat to revent overheating, its so plants can get rid of extra heat. 28- difference between two types of flows 30- laminar flow also effects animalsthe rabbits ears in the second picture, interrupt air flow, and so eddies is formed. 33 + 34- most common plants, doing a couple of things to prevent water loss. Needs no laves, can photosynthesize from stick. But does produce leave, but they are tiny ( called
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