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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

L06- BIO (Sept. 29 )th S (83) 31- - Blue and green curves eventually damp down, where as the red curve, goes on forever (violent ups and downsnot good). - *figure 12.10- ricklefs S(85)33- *look at diargram Lecture 5: Age-Structured Populations S03- so far, we have assumed that all individuals are the same. When you think about age structure, you consider that not ALL individuals have the same capabilities. Childhood is the period where organisms are collecting resources, time of accumulation and producing a body that can reproduce. All organism have a period of accumulation Number of individuals decreases as we move onto higher age groups. Through out age groups, number of individuals decrease, and biological functions change as well. Men are ignored in these age structures, because they do not produce babies. S6- different species have different survivorship curves ( some have constant deaths through life, and some have higher death rate at the end of life) If death is constant through life, it is exponential decay (type 2) Humans are type 1- , and insects and clams and oysters are type 3, where they have a lot of babies, but those babies die soon too. S7- -human curves are complex - has a steep drop in the beginning infant mortality - senescence drop
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