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Lecture 18

Bio120 Lecture 18 Notes

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Spencer Barrett

Bio Final Lecture 18 NotesPatterns of geographical variabilityFischer vs WrightWright the structure and level of differentiation among populations alot of it could be very important over longterm evolution and stoccastic forces genetic drift etc will play an important roleFischer this is merely noise and not very important from an evolutionary standpoint and most evolutionaryoccurred in large populations by natural selectionBoth are a bit right its true speciation and adaptation requires genetic variability and a lot of that genetic variability is still within populations so genetic drift cant really DRIVE speciation These small changes can have large changes on the organisms living therePopulation A group of individuals of a single species occupying a given area at the same timeHow can you count so many moving individualsEven plants a large portion of the beginning of the plants lives is subterraneanMigration The movement of individuals from one population to anotherGene flow The movement of genes from one population to another cant happen without migration although migration doesnt ALWAYS lead to gene flow Can occur in the form of gametes some aquatic animals just dump out their gametes into the water Also plant what is that pollen in the air Its flower spear thats migrating around to other individuals and populationsHow much of the observed variation among organisms is genetic and does it contribute to fitnessKey questions in relation to geographic differentiationHow diverse are two different populations from each other that are in the same species As well as how is the diversity distributed within and between populations electrophoresis
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