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Lecture 18

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University of Toronto St. George
John Stinchcombe

BIO220 Lecture 18 Ecological Consequences of Genetic VariationTilmanMore diverse communities should be more resistant to environmental perturbation and higher productivityPlots that had more biodiversity had more biomass due to more number of guilds variety of plant strategies Question Do these processes that happened in level of different species happen in different genotypes Are plant patches that are more genetically diverse able to support more insects o Approach Grow groups of either monocultures only one genotypepolycultures 4 genotypes of 8 genotypes present o Measure The number and identify ofHerbivoresOmnivoresPredators o Tests Do more diverse plots contain greater richnessdiversity of speciesWhat is the mechanism Is it due to sampling effect or interactions among genotypesMore genetically diverse plant communities support more predatory insectsPositive relationshipmore diverse more insects coming to those patchesJust know that its a positive relationshipMechanismo Predators showed a positive responsemore species than predators depending on the genetic diversity of the plant Started with the predators because theyre not eating the plants themselves Theyre eating what else comes to the plant Ex spiders that hunts on those plants etc This is something where it cant just be a function of predators eating the plants Because they dont actually eat plantso 2 possibilitiesGenotypes in mixture react additively community is whole with sum of partsGenotypes in mixture interact nonadditively the property of genotype depends on other genotypes depend who its neighbours are Depends on the neighbours ex predators only go to hiding spots if theres a lot of herbivores on it
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