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Lecture 10

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BIO220 Lecture 10 Vaccine Common Vaccine Types Smallpox The eradication of smallpox was a great success for vaccination The Smallpox Vaccine Jenner exposed patients to the puss from blisters of patients with cowpox, then determined that they were immune to smallpox Vaccine preventable diseases Vaccinations have been great success in disease control Evolution In a Vaccinated World Should we be careful with the use of vaccines? Hep B virus HBV populations are evolving and increasing in frequency Malaria Apopulation of plasmodium and develop a vaccine which can only target a select few types, the frequency of the non-targeted types will increase Diptheria The vaccine is made from part of the bacteria that produces the toxin It seems that the frequency of toxin producing strains is decreasing Polio has been eradicated in theAmericas Acute childhood infections - the pathogen is either cleared from the system quickly or the host dies If the individual survives, they have lifelong immunity The diseases for which vaccines are currently
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