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Lecture 14

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AgricultureCenter of origins concept is that Vavilov proposed that crops originated where ther diversity of their relatives is greatestThis makes sense a place where wild relatives are there would have more abundant relativesLysenko proposed that plants exposed to the winter would cause plants to remember winters and when it had floweredThis problem posed that genetic factors would not be as great compared to epigenetic factors so therefore it seems to contradict Mendelian genetics in favour of LamarckianismLysenkoism had been a prominent ideology in the USSRThe consequence was that many who advocated genetics was executedCatastrophic crop failure and an entire generation of geneticists emigrated or diedThis example shows quite clearly that the rejection of genetics has disastrous consequences on societies one ought to follow the dataVavilov first diagnosed that crops tend to be domesticated in areas of the greatest diversityA severe bottleneck in the population of domestic crops and there is constant strong artificial selectionSeeds which are allowed to breed causes a form of genetic drift because only some selection occursTwo major mechanism of evolutionary change occurs at the same time meaning evolution will occurConsequences of DomesticationOne of the consequencesis reduced genetic variationMeasured by H Average Freuqnecy of Heterozygous Individuals P Proportion of gene loci that are polymorphic and Pie Average number of nucleotide differences per site for any randomly sampled nucleotide pairs
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