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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 The Evolution of Sexual Differences

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Doug Thomson

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Lecture 2 BIO220 The Evolution of Sexual Differences DimorphismsPeacock displays Mating success vs Survival PredationCosts are balanced mating success outweighs survivalSexually selected traits function solely to enhance mating success It is a subset of natural selection but it can be useful to consider them separatelyFitness depends onSurvival both males and femalesReproductive Rate mostly femalesNumber of matesMating success mostly malesThe origin of sexual differences ANISOGAMY unequal sized gametesSperm Inexpensive Many smallEgg resourcerich few largeLarge GametesFemaleSmall gametesMaleParental Investment Theory Trivers 1972Sexes differ in reproductive investmentMembers o the sex that invest little in offsp
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