Lecture 36

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University of Toronto St. George
Cell and Systems Biology
Mounir Abou Haidar

Lecture 36 SARS CoVRecording Starts a bit into the lecture missing section on hepatitis G Page 221 however he didnt go into much detail and from my notes all he said wassimialar to Hepatitis C but less seriousClassified as NonA NonBpositive sense genomesimilar symptoms to Hepatitis C can be chronictransmission similar mainly through blood Supplementary to Page 225 713 SymptomsThe corona virus look like a crown with jewels around it is isohedral with glycoproteins I used to cover the corona virus until the SARS virus Usually the corona can cause respiratory and GI problem diarrhea benign cold thosetypes of things until this new strain of the virus the SARS CoV CoV stands for corona virus the outbreak in Canada had about 42 deadOriginally came from China the SARS is from a cat mixed human and cats then got back to humansComparing the nucleotide sequence to the bird corona virus and animal corona virus they determined that SARS in humans is the combination of an animal virus and the bird virus430 His talk on how he wrote the government about SARS843 Ebola outbreak in Zaire and how the guys were put in jail in Canada1000 Talk of level 4 lab that was in Canada1043 Usually Corona virus infect the respiratory tract and GI tract for the SARS virus it is much more serious for respiratory tract but they suspect that it can also be spread through the GI tract Oral Fecal OF route this virus is not different from other Corona virus except it is more severe in respiratory tract and is a new strain It is Avian and human mix mixed in the Cevid cat wild catSupplementary to page 225 513 ReplicationIt has a surface S protein attached to the membrane endocytosis nothing new replication in the cytoplasm like all otherRNA viruses with envelope With coterminal sub genomic RNA Ill come back to that in a minuteBecause they have an envelope they can bud internally can bud from the Golgi to have a longer time to evade the immune system if they bud internally the immune system doesnt see it its a big advantage
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