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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Inorganic

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Stephen Reid

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Classic Lewis Adducts
- hybridization of B based compounds
- sp2 bybrids perpendicular to plane
- NH3 pseudotetrahedral
- combine the two form bond donate into empty B orbital tetrahedral
- (H3N)BH3 Lewis 1932
- molecules have basic orientation Lewis acids e- acceptors (BH3); Lewis bases e- donors
- combine Lewis acid and base bond between donor and acceptor
- ammonia borane considerable importance in current research
- solid, light in weight (B-11, N-14, 6H-6) total weight = 21, 6 of which attributed to H ~18% H
- solid, high density for H
- gas difficult to compress (even ligand H) instead of oil, H as source of fuel need to
concentrate H this molecule candidate, explored because almost 20% H and can use various
catalytic processes to remove H from molecule very easily
- high density source, release H to burn as demand of H needs
Frustrated Lewis Pair
- what happens Lewis and base make such that substituents are large enough that they cannot
get together sterically frustrated
- too large to form bond
- what is left over vacant orbital, extra electron cannot donate to partnet then give small
molecule will there be a reaction??
- Boron with phenyl groups around Phosphate bulky ligand
- no reaction when combined compounds too bulky
- add H split to make cation (R3PH) H+ on phosphorous, and (H-) on Boron
Reversible Metal Free H2 Activation
- similar to previous
- substitution bulky
- other end like borane frustrated Lewis pair both donor and acceptor in single molecule
- can see reaction
- orange solution add H, ambient temperature, clears
- clear ass heat orange again
- capture and release H at will useful in current developments
- explain with Lewis dot diagrams, VB theory
Wave Function between 2 Nuclei
- simple molecule H consider two wave functions 1s orbital constructive overlap
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