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Lecture 6

CHM101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Patient Participation

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Judith Poe

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The individual interviewed was a nurse by the name of who currently works at Saint
Vincent Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario. During the questionnaire, it is made apparent that the
hospital deals with ethical issues correctly. However, the nurse argues that there are still some
areas within the workplace community where they could improve ethical practices. After
reviewing the information given by Jasmine Erpelo, it is evident that the workplace community
must improve their ethical policy by primarily focusing on patient centred care.
Firstly, a topic which was mentioned throughout the interview was respecting the patient.
In a normal setting of a hospital, an individual will choose to go to a hospital in order to receive
medical attention for their illness. Nurses would attend to that patient when asked and begin
following proper procedures in order to better the health of that person. However, the
interviewee states that, some patients are ignored by nurses. In the case of nurse Erpelo, upon
receiving medical attention by the nurses of Saint Vincent Hospital, patients are given a room
where they would stay for several hours, days or years. This is because nurses wish to keep them
under watch because they still may be in an unstable condition and they are not readily to leave
to go home. During their stay at the hospital patients are ignored by nurses. These people would
call nurses by yelling from their rooms or using the call bell which is above the door of a patient
despite this they are ignored on a few occasions. Staff within that work setting would tell others
on their first day of the job to just ignore the calls because they state that it might not be urgent
or they know the patient because that person may have been staying there for years. Therefore,
policies should be improved by the hospital in order have patients feel they are in a safe
Secondly, handling particular situations in Saint Vincent Hospital could be defined as
unethical. This is because patients are not primarily seen as the primary focus within the hospital
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