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Apollo and Daphne
Transformed into plant by Apollo
Daphne: etiology: plant came into existence
Ero shoots:
Apollo with love arrow
Begs father to remain unmarried
Bay laurel leaves never decay
Becomes one with the ground and transforms into a Bay laurel tree
Daphne with arrow that incites hatred
Discuss throwing contest and hit him in the face and kills him
Man lover of Apollo
Alternate version:Zephyr the wind God caused the discus to hit Hyacintus
Apollo refused to allow lover go to the underworld and turned him into a flower with his spilled blood
Apollo and Music
Homeric Hymn 25: To the Muses and Apollo
Inspiration of music and song
Marsyas has contest with Apollo
Skins him
Apollo wins and can do anything he wants with Marsyas
Contest with Apollo
Tomlus decides Apollo won
Pan -woodland god of Goat and Human
Turned into dog ears
Midas -Likes Pans music
Apollo the God of Music
Apollo and Anius
Anius is the son of Apollo
Daughters had power to produce oil, grain and wine
Resisted to go supply army during Trojan war
Apollo and Cyrene
Northern Africa (Nymph: minor nature goddess)
Wrestles lion barehanded
Has Apollo's son : Aristaeus
Take Nymph back to Cyrene and makes her a queen
Summary: Delos and Dephi
Will of Zeus
Music art medicine
Attempts and fails at love
Apollo similar to Artemis
Gentile, compassionate, guilty, guiltless
Apollo cont'd
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