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Castor and Pollux are twins; castor is mortal pollux; immortal.
Athena promises- wisdom, skill at war.
Athrodite promises the most beautiful woman.(Helen)
- daughter of Kronos and Rheia
- sister and the wife of zeus.
- goddess of marriage
- symbols: diadem, scepter, bowl, pomegranate, peacock.
- portrayed as jealous wife of zeus and as opposing his children from other women.
- kestos – girdle (where all the seduction in Aphrodite lies)
- a mortal cannot bear the image of a divine being in their actual form??
If a mortal sees a divine being in a way that the god does not want to be seen; the mortal
-epillion – a little epic
- zeus fucks IO, and hera comes so he transforms her into a cow.
- zeus transforms IO into a cow.
- hera asks for the cow, and gives the cow to ARGOS
- IO runs back to Egypt and transforms back into a woman.
-Hera takes all the eyes of ARGOS and puts it on a peacock. This is why Hera is associated
with the peacock.
- zeus approaches europa as a bull, she pets him.
Mise en Abyme
- a story inserted into another, story mirrors other one.
- a shape within a shape within a shape.
Heiros gamos – sacred marriage; marriage of gods.
Eg. Hera and Zeus.
- god of the sea
- symbol: trident
- makes earth tremble; associated with horses
- reason why odysseus couldn’t get home in time.
- on greek side during Trojan war.
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