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Lecture 6

CLA219H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Philology, Phlegm, Body Fluid

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Regina Hoeschele

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Antiquity Lecture 6
Question 1:
Momento Mori: a latin saying meaning remember that you will die and is supposed to remind you to
enjoy tour life when you can
Misogeny: hatred of women
Epitilalium: wedding song
Invective: attack a poem that is obscene and aggressive
Econium: song of appraise
Agamathophilia love of statues
Apotrapaic: wards off evil
Question 4: Math of Pandora
Context: the name of Hesiet, this myth is told twice in hesiet in a deductive context. Zeus has the gods
fashion a creature name Pandora, sends to epimethius and doesn’t realize how dangerous this woman is.
She has with her a jar that contains all the evils of the world. She’s asked by the gods to open the jar, and
all of the evils of the world comes out and the only thing that stays inside is hope
Question 5: Helen
Relevant ancient sources (more than 1 for both sides) you can talk about the guilt, Horac, Elders in the
Illiad that blame her for war
Question 6: Pederastic relationship elder lover
Should’ve mentioned that in gender discourse, male needs to be active and penetrating. Compare to
modern forms of homosexuality: something that doesn’t occur between a teenage boy and elder male,
but an adult man can also be homosexual, but not male’s who are adolescence aren’t defined as females
Question 7a) Island of Lesbos, and because Sappho was assc with lesbian, that’s why the term was used
to call homosexuals lesbians
Question 7b) A cliff where according to legend, you could cure yourself of love sickness. If you jumped
into the water and survived, you weren’t in love with the person anymore. Sappho fell in love with a
ferryman who fell in love with ferryman who transported Aphrodite that gave him antidote that made
him irresistible and then he rejected her.
Question 7c) Sappho School Mistress she addresses females, but it doesn’t say anywhere that these
are younger females. She doesn’t ever say that shes teaching them anything. In antiquity, the idea of
Sappho being an older mentor was already there, she was compared to Socrates. So people have
transferred this idea onto Sappho. In the 19C, philology (study of ancient text), led to a situation where
they felt uncomfortable of female homosexuality. But at the same time, Sappho was very important figure
in poetry, and didn’t want her to be tainted by female sexuality.
Cleanse by saying her poetry isn’t about anything educational, it only provides context. Strong hypothesis
because people wanted to have a clean Sappho, and later people made a sex school out of it: Sappho
sexually initiating students came about.
Ancient Medicine
An established sciences, and there are actually a lot of theoretical writings preserved
Tons of medical writers from antiquity!
Many theories/obvs might seem slightly obscene to us from a modern prospective
Today if you become a doctor, you swear the “*HIPPOCRATIC OATH”: swears to certain rules, which all
go back to antiquity (sworn to oath for thousands of years)
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