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21 Apr 2012

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Monday March 19, 2012
Solons economic forms were for political equality
These elites in masses were distinguished by the masses from their superior birth
They could trace their birth down to famous gods
All the Athenians think of themselves as elite because they are born from the land
Thought of themselves as elite by fuses but some were more elite than others
Also superior by wealth as well
Within these democracies huge disparities in wealth and also there is an elite of education
If you are poor born but your country has an elite education system you can become rich
Public education is huge to overcome economic inequality
Political power came from being able to speak will in front of the demos and persuasive
them of your point of view
Elite of wealth birth and education
The elite would become the rulers of Athens- there was this fear
The fear that Athens would be an oligarchy- oligoi
They institute equality of property and sex and institute it through the law
Political equality is jeopardized if you do not have economic equality
Every single individual in Athens represented himself- a direct democracy
To make sure political equality was maintained even in economic inequality
The two things that guaranteed this was
Rotation of office- every single office lasted exactly a year
First they made sure you were of age, didn’t do any crimes and after you would be
checked to make sure you did not make any crimes during
Rule and be ruled in turn
And sortation- offices are filled by basically putting a name out of a hat
Any Athenian citizen is allowed to run
This goes back to Solons political reforms
Under Solon Athens was still not yet a political democracy
Everybody does not only have a right but a responsibility in running the city
Chief magistrates of the state were called archon/arkhontes- basically the prime minister
9 of them and they rotate year by year- war and religion
The general was elected- the strategos
They didn’t want to be ruled by some guy whos name was pulled out of a hat so this was
the one office of amassing power overtime (executive branch)
The legislative branch
The boule- 500 members means council
They formulated legislative and put together the bills that would be voted on
They chose 10 people each from the different district of Athens
Every member of the boule only served for one year and only could do it twice in their
Every citizen was called up to serve
Gave the citizen a fundamental taste of how to govern
Ekklesia- the assembly of the whole demos
It was 6000 people
Met once a month
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