March 2nd Lecture

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23 Mar 2011
CLA 232 - March 2nd Lecture
mar r iage - women at 15,
women must be tamed and domesticated, really t he man's fault if the woman ends
up useless,
anxiety about getting a bad wife, bad wives are partially the man's fault as well as
the woman's,
xenophon - aristotle's B student after Plato, he is not quite so much a genius and
therefore is not really putting his own spins on things like other aut hors, he relates
the culture of greece in a straightfor ward manner,
critoboulos - reputation for being a true gentlemen, socrates goes around and
shows him tha t he doesn't really know anything about being a gentleman and
running his estate,
how you spend your property tells a lot about what kind of man you are,
orderly oikos represents an orderly soul,
women are the ones who run t he oikos, men outside and women inside,
household is the woman's kingdom but it is the man's rules,
sappho - lived on the island of lesbos, different culture compared to athens,
women had more freedom, lyric poetry meant to be sung alound and accompanied
by the lyre,
how do you speak as a woman in a very male oriented society,
sappho uses homeric language to reject homeric ethic, illiad from helen's point of
view, specific female experience and desire,
male language to express female feelings,
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