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Feb. 1st Lecture

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 - Feb. 1st Lecture
Lucan interested in moral, psychological and cosmic questions
speeches, highlights, keynotes to the text, what the audience does next after a
speech is important to look at,
war in which there is no triumph,
part where he talks about Nero, talks about the bloody gore of the civil war and
then says it is "a small pr ice to pay" to get Nero,
'speech' of the citizens, the only kind of speech that is allowed under the r ule of a
tyrant, speech is only in the m inds of each citizen, a low mumble,
man makes a speech claiming that victor y will make them citizens again, telling
caesar what he wants to hear, makes caesar even more ang ry and bloodthirsty,
caesar then makes a speech claiming to be the victime and calling pompey a
criminal and accusing him of things that could also be attributed to caesar himself
as well, caesar claims he is simply freeing rome from tyranny,
shor tage of heroes in this story,
pompey's address to his troops and their reaction,
brutus talks to cato, any space for virtue, once you enter the game you are no
better than any of the other players, cato may be seen by some as the hero of the
text, but he also has problems so maybe he is just the one with the least issues,
upside down version of mar r iage, old people mourning, no consummation, no sex,
no more kids will come of the wedding,
pompey's speech, really is a civil war veteran, claims that civil wars only add to
his fame, no citizen should be bigger than pompey, says he has left no more wars
to fight but civil wars, followed by no applause or any call for battle, rumour of
caesar has beaten the troops before they have even seen him, pompey realizes his
army is defeated and he runs,
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