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Mark Easton

Wednesday July 4 2012 Chronology stst classicalespecially 1 millennium BC to the first half of the 1 millennium ADThe pinnacle of the Greek civilizationdrama literature architecturePeriodsProto Archaic Hesiod etc Hellenistic means like Greek Late after Constantine Mediterranean WorldAround the Mediterranean Sea Sources for Classical Studies and their limitsLiterary sources o 98 of all the literary sources are gone o some of these texts from the Late Antiquity period survived o monks copied texts in the Medieval period many got lost o the texts that we work with today are MedievalEpigraphy o writing on stones o tribute listsAthenians listed all the tributes on stonescoins o Julius Caesar coindictator in perpetuity o He had taken power as dictator and was advertising it on the coins o First time a man put his face on a coin while he was livingbefore itd be goddesses and gods faces onlyWall paintingsPapyrus o A plant reed stick grown in Egypt o Good for dry climate o Laws property stuffArchaeological work o Monuments o Statues o EtcGreek Civilization 6500323 BCEMapGreek peninsula o Sicily and Magna GrawciaGreat GreeceWas very important for the Western Greeks to be like the homeland GreeksSiris RomeVery mountainous rocky and dry o Because of this city states were never unified They were always isolated there was never a Greek empire like the Roman empire o Every Pollus had their own government own stuffpolitically isolatedResources o Agriculturetheres not a lot of flat land on Greece and is dry so not much agricultureWet wintersdry hot summersgood for certain stuff like cereal olives but not largescale farmingOne exception is Thebes o Metalsalso poorBronze Agemixing tincopperThe greeks did not have much tin or copperHad to import around the Aegean world o Timber Wasnt a lot eitherConstantly importing from around the north Aegean and Black Sea region o SilverLots of silver mines o Marble Plentiful in GreeceMarble architecture statuesRomans all wanted marble got it from GreeceNear Eastern EmpiresArt o Put exotic animals o Knives with art on them o MycenaeLion Gate o Blue Monkey friezeo But there probably werent lions or monkeys in the Mycenae timesThe artistic style of these were probably very influenced by the Western world th Uluburun shipwrecklate 14 c BCEIndoEuropean Language family o Hypothesis o Way back in Proto history there was a mother language called IndoEuropean o Motherculture o Had influence from india had spread to Europe o The European languages are all included in here o Common linguisticcultural featuresLike the word Fatherthey all sound similar in various languages Friday July 6 2012 The Coming of the GreeksMinoans and Mychenaeans Dark Ages c 3000800BCE Key points from the last lectureBasic chronological terms in Calssical Studieso Proto Archaic Classical Late HellenisticBronze Age c 30001000 BCETypes of evidence used in Classical StudiesTopography of Greece and how it shaped the development of societiesAegean Sea and spread of Greek cultureConnections in the wider Aegean world Chronological scheme and namesIndoEuropeansMinoans c 35001100 BCE NOT IndoEuropeansMycenaeans c 19001100 BCEPelasgiansDoriansHerakleidai the Sons of Herakles IndoEuropean Language Family TheoryPeople have identified what they think are indicators of a common motherculture indoeuropeanAround 3000 BCE people started spreading o Their homeland is probably around the Caspian Sea o Persian world o Anatolian o Italy o Etc carrying with them their IndoEuropean culture and developing locallyvarious languages culture etc but they still share similarities Elements of IndoEuropean cultureVocabularyfather pater pitar vadarZeus Dioa deus dyaus zioMythsidea of the hero slaying the serpentdragon is similarDumezil Tripartite Theory
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