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Parthenon, Alexander, Hellenistic Period - Feb 13th.docx

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Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Wednesday, February-13-13 Midterm 1 – feb 25th  Know places, art and architecture on a map  Class theme essay o Issues thinking about Acropolis Building / Parthenon - Athens used money/tribute from allies to construct the buildings o Accused of forcing the allies o not using it to defeat other enemies - Even without Pericles - Parthenon wasn‘t first temple o One that was ruined by the Persians (took over, Athenians left) o PARTHENON metopes:  Olympian Gods defeating Giants  heroes defeating Centaurs  heroes defeating Amazons  Trojan War? (Greeks vs. Easterners) o Doric Columns (common), pediments (triangle parts, either side of temple, decorated with images), inner friezes (continuous images carved out of stone on inner, upper walls) and metopes (rectangular elements, on outer wall, pics b/w columns) o Huge explosion in Parthenon - when Turks were in control they used it to store weapons  Venetians shot canon in Parthenon o Earthquakes (1894 especially) – ruins tumbled down o Nike Temple: ionic columns, frieze relief  Much smaller  Disassembled by Turks  Friezes show Trojan War or Persian Invasion? Hellenistic Period = after death of Alexander - Is it Greek culture or multicultural? - What is so new about it? Alexander the Great CLA160 Wednesday, February-13-13 - Student of Aristotle - Grandiose – big headed (new king of Pericles, thought descended from Achilles) or amazing o Got inspiration of past, or was just trying to act like a hero (magical world) - Brave – fought in front lines - Charismatic - Razes rebellious Thebes - Attacks Persian Empire (Phillip‘s Intention) - conquers Asia Minor, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and then Persian Empire - King of Macedonian kingdom at 20 o Macedonia – powerful by his father Phillip o Myths and Fiction told about Alexander – Alexander Romance Stories Controversial Alexander - Macedonian resented him – Phillip was greater o Nervous that he shared power, (ex.) welcomed Persians into the army, tried to mix cultures - Unhappy troops o Nervous troops, he wanted to find the edges of the world - Disasterious return from east o A lot of army died, marching through hot sands of Pakistan - Bad behaviour o Drunk, violent, murdering friends/associated o May have broken down his health - Dead in 323 - Breakdown of ‗empire‘ CLA160 Wednesday, February-13-13 o Had trouble holding it together anyway (conquered one place then left so the place could be independent) Plutarch 1 Century AD - Praised Alexander o Spread Greek culture (but by force, nonononono) o Civilised barbarians (Asia) Arrian 2 century AD - Praised - Excused for youth, bad associates, and Livy 1 century AD – Roman Historian - Italy could have beaten alexander b/c they were always drunk Mary Beard - Not Slavic, but ironic how Greeks didn‘t think they thought he was Greek - Drunken j
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