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CLA160 Week 8 Tutorial Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Week 8 Tutorial Notes Clodia/Clodius - (M. Rufus) Caelius - (M. Tullius) Cicero - (M. Licinius) Crassus - Clodia (Pulchera) - Atratinus – son-in-law of Bestia - (P.) Clodius (Pulcher) Catullus - Latin lyric poetry - Catullus – most famous Latin lyric poet - end of the republic – with Augustus as emperor – considered the Golden Age of Latin literature – poetry - later translations of Latin poetry – Poem 51 - name Lesbia – tribute of Sappho - also has stylistic similarities to Sappho’s poetry - more lyric conventions - love object – similarity to Sappho and of other lyric poets - development in relationship – usually things go bad – in this case, very badly - guilt and shame in his feeling of love - Catullus – not politically active – by choice – but still of a prominent family - brother of Catullus was politically active - all excerpts/fragments of different poems - Poem 101, like Poem 51, is Sappho inspired – building on a Sapphic poem in which she talks about her own brother - Poem 49 – about Cicero – shows that they are moving in the same social circles - Caelius and Catullus were friends – may have had a falling-out - social context of the upper class - neoteric movement – Hellenistic Greek conventions • allusion • references – slightly obscure literary references and intertextuality • obscure geographic references – example of Poem 7 - neoteric – more directly from Hellenistic - “newly rubbed” – rub, erase – essentially means “newly refined/polished” - Hellenistic poets referred to themselves as refined poets – carefully constructed, deliberately written poetry - all Romans had the right of three names – mark of a Roman citizen – proper name, clan name, individual name - example of Gaius Julius Caesar • Gaius – proper name – only a set number of proper names existed – prenomen • Julius – nomen – gens name – clan name – family name that was carried down • Caesar – cognomen – often applied to individuals - usually when one name was written or spoken alone, it was the cognomen - names were very important in Roman society Cicero - Clodius – Publius Claudius Pulcher – from the family Claudi – one of the oldest patrician families in the republic – two branches, of which Pulcher is one - Clodius – change in name - the Claudius family is a patrician family – patricians cannot be tribune of the plebs - by the end of the republic, tribune of th
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