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Lecture 4

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CLAA05 – Lecture 4 – Mesopotamian Creation Myths & The Flood Babylonian version of Atrahasis originated at about 1700BC (Old Babylonian text) Atrahasis (Akkadian) is the man who built the boat. He is also known as Ziusudra (Sumerian), Ut-Napishtim (Gilgamesh), Noah (Palestine) and Odysseus (Greece) Atrahasis (dalley text) At first God had to work. The Gods divided Anu (atum)  Sky This is similar to Greek myths Elil (Ilu)  earth With Hades, Poseidon and Zeus Enki (Ea)  sea/Apsu The Gods that worked became tired and complained. They surrounded Elil’s house Anu & Enki visited Elil and found out what had happened Enki agreed that the Gods had too much work Enki decided that he would use Belet-ili’s (Nintu/Mami) womb to create primeval man to bare the workload of the gods. Enki required for one god to be slaughtered so that the god’s blood could be mixed with clay to form man. Ilawela (intelligence god) was sacrificed CLAA05 – Lecture 4 – Mesopotamian Creation Myths & The Flood Belet-ili mixed the blood with clay and pinched off 14 pieces 7 males and 7 females she told them the rules and set the timeline (life/pregnancy) Many years passed by and mankind became too populated The Gods grew angry because they were so noisy They decided to destroy mankind They attempted to using “suruppu-disease” …. I don’t think it worked Elil decided to wipe out mankind with a flood As they plotted the destruction Atrahasis spoke to Enki Enki spoke indirectly to atrahasis and told him to build a boat Atrahasis built the boat and brought along his relatives and animals The flood began, Nintu grieved Elil saw the boat and was angry Enki tried to protect mankind The gods negotiated and set rules in place to control the population Unsuccessful birth and all that stuff Epic of Creation (Enuna Elish) Was performed during new year’s festival (akitu) Story was supposed to honor Murduk Apsu and Tiamat mixed their waters together to produce Lahmu & Lahamu Lahmu & Lahamu produced Anshar and Kishar Anshar and Kishar produced Antu, Anu, and Ki Anu was disruptive and stir up tiamat’s belly (with wind) Tiamat did not mind but the disruptive behaviour angered Apsu He told Tiamat that he wanted to get rid of them She was angry Apsu was still planning on killing them Ea (Enki) found out and put Apsu to sleep then killed him Ea spread Apsu’s body Ea and Damkina make Marduk Tiamat’s belly continued to be stirred and the some gods grew restless CLAA05 – Lecture 4 – Mesopotamian Creation Myths & The Flood They spoke to Tiamat and convinced her into avenging Apsu’s death She prepared for war and created 7 monsters Mushussu serpent
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