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University of Toronto St. George
Susan Dunning

CLA 310 notes, October 17 Household gods at Pompeii Jupiter Genius, Dioscuras, Fortuna-isis Indicative of ancestral religion Lararium to several deities within household- Avg. Statues = 5 Won’t worship every god, select the ones you want. Based on choice of families or individual choices. Certain times to venerate one god to another Not all Larariums contain statues of Lares Common: Mercury, Venus, Minerva Body Casts People holding statues of- Mercury and cupid (To preserve? For hope? To Pray?) Story of when Gauls sack Rome- Romans leave city voluntarily and take all household gods with them BNP- Larariums- sometimes paintings. Can have both that and statues Lararium- modern term. Was called a shrine in ancient times Significant amount of choice- eg. Egyptian, Greek, etc Introduction -Marriage -Could be gifted to someone -adopt one due to significant experiences House Tombs, Isola Sacra -outside portis -public festivals commemorating dead- eg. Vestals at Parentalia -Private Celebrations Banquets outside Pour libations Meals lavish- more lavish= more piety Sacred- bel St. Augustine – BNP 9.5d Lively public space, average people performing tasks (hairdressers, actors, etc) Superstitious, excessive. Seneca- dismisses them as idiots – insincere performance Roman Priesthoods- most have mythical origins Pontifices Rex Sacrorum + Flamines Augures Quindecemviri Fetiales Haruspices Each could serve in the place of another except Flamines No more than one from each family in each group Held for life Elected- learn duties Safeguarding aspects of religion Senate and Magistrates in control of process Priests- correct religio haven every time to not anger gods Pontifices Associated with Vestals, rex sacrorum and Flamines. Supervise calendars Experts/ keepers of pontifical law Pax deorum- peace of gods Advice on legal matters Oversee family rituals Keep public records- annals- everything important for the year Pontifex Maximus Leader of pontifical college Ensure vestals are behaving Elected by college- later elected office Not pope Oversees restrictions Make sure everything running smoothly No authority really Vestal Virgins 6 in total Can own property Position for fixed term Elite families Clothing of married women Flamines Members of pontifical college Each one to a deity Mars, Quirinus, Jupiter 12 minor ones Had Taboos/ restrictions Highly unpopular- forced position sometimes Born from parents who are married cum manu- woman becomes property Later relaxed- elite don’t do this kind of marriage anymo
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