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Susan Dunning

e J I I I I I I I I I I - i oF ftq* crfvrce:s C+;f*) I , c,t;I CI fir*,,e") ( Cxriiqc{;ve 6err^+e: 3"{ ie,:*rr;f,"'d obr-c,'c' lien>'[fr'.*"tr't) C'E ' { ,lu,foc_.r1.Cgc,+*ec (,4c1clurclu t!; rtV.wrla) -on Zpur c? r'rrwz€rif i . r-In hr/tt!",rllr,f, Cir;>cr.'pl;otoi {)ft-^t ) - ( 'an:: >.-i c,q6e;*,cJ3 ch,jl6ac:) tc i,t.t I,,-tr{,tft (lrul;gn,0-t;r)rlc,r-i) (r,,,',u" 'gy' ' ' ' rhl.-r:&, llE Qdl i':,-.:1; 4o' frrv-rrtE Cfrr-'lfttt."4Ccq-to//r *1p;' g*ft ' ',-;,,-: - ,,^,-,: ' :--.*:'-i.':a\+icrt +lr,ry (c{- I f'tAcrrr-tc'n"lc# 6'-+t3f-1r /tt., ,a s:r'{orrrr'7ce.,('d-fi6tl)^t--{n'4rtcl'i:tn1o 3:c;cl;'ei :: *t:c'/j . -lo^p'o'rc- li'' c^ Pz'J-' .; ju-;-, -?: - 'cI 4tuirtt'') '* . v \' ils'lr J ' Do*u4 dw rr;adal (7.*ng'cf- Prllo3rJ -gr: -yacte; $l-gu+ccji\.t l:t ( -- "-. s.*<1tG6(c4nf'('t-'.'t '''-"-; . l,l.rA -t5" F"'"- *:relhy.1 brg/flcohg nr ,*"#ta ' ("r"r,,c-i- . cri^>rfl, fnGii€. C{'&wp-*i-,:i,-:>u;l(^*33ru, Zv7ltl:,rf --- (-'il ,+-- ct"',t-j: '';r3 L{- * !5"''o'':' r={,,ro rr-rhrij r;.r,.wk ir,,; {1,*,,rr.l , a rt-ffd , "p^4+rr,i&{jce.."- Ao,,t, Z, eif,.r+ (rir.,_}}tc..: }h;1,:k 3ar.,, :,fi;;r,!: ":'; o"i,, ,':iil,c-+//,,,Jir ai vrslv,i rt':,-. ;, ::,;:;'! 9u:'r J ;r: l-,s2-6l/o^ t\y &c.1* l-/,c.,JI:{ ";n|qnhi*t curJiq} ) '^{cLlalicu"'r>l"tk4unnu: arJ}cri r flrc,Thl g,r.€.t *aPz, " r-,-l*o-t fu j"* d?,lg *,itp,|ls;,y &,cie_lerrypiq, ." lpiry.rllei> V5" Art;.": f,tvak- ' 6 y,.tlrlrcctyt{ nu'tl mfS cocnc'boF offic;er-:* ill'qrW C.rn;r;e*egN,- , 1.ft :*l to q.v-.,2a;p-sin,W{rerl! Gf +5a) }3., nl t+ e{- i) Qc'* tg{cg.Pj(f,,) + yir-/irn: dt allar* c'tfni-ric;1+n* Ve'1 vlsibre--6ef:8'rd i 6'1=1qn+ic4 h* il*,,d,rn: "*-r -garhnd-) ,g;kh& h*^=, rr;ttlic, aZ t.g' SSf^^t$ n}l d,e,:eC r.yeerr^.ir*" ki;eu*-t--P|*v {p,ff.ta'c''(or' l,-r- c" t''v:2 3:, ,Arlr^ {i,ri-rt;i'r "ic1h' ".':('t:' \v,:.-.-,-,-nJi- 1"r;4L {f{,.rn-.-^ Lx't(3 AhirS }rr-atc{ ^rJ;"LrvavNrlorrJ J 1 ',h;fl;rg of +1'€- (/;r-ri,rri g) €,xc Ju{,"ra d.{rtrr'ctna16 c.;t::: ba- ,rrl lr,3t,t ficill;f br^cl cyrtt. €3' &r;e}lri,g -ncd,g ,f-,-Di:fo+, >;tc..L{r>€".k-"bc,rnec} ilw."t -€erv"o{. krKX ?r-+krt Cs:-,tilcjff.r_Fr it u_{-1crrcl.q]i ;(L**r-,t Cb-r4c.l.^ Crni{t'-;r.,.e!"ircrig3 tJl-:
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