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Johnathon Burgess

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When the Greeks invented drama they invented acting People never portrayed other characters before this One thing that people get a little weirded out by in Greek Drama is the Chorusthey act speak and even dance together as a group They sang LOUD complex songs while engaging in really energetic dances Indeed it took a lot of effort and as such a lot of the attention given to ancient drama was given to the chorusNow modern incarnations of it have the chorus stand together and chant their lines in a monotone Pretty damn unrealistic acting from our point of viewThe chorus either is or may well have been what preceded drama and in fact dram may have emerged from individuals from the chorus taking on individual lines actions and eventually rolesDrama was performed in Theatres called Orchestrasthose circular theatres with levelled seating that you should be able to rememberProf is going to explain a common view that drama filled a role beyond entertainment namely its sociopolitical importanceNow Athens became the great power of the Ancient world after the Persian Wars largely thanks to their naval power They lead the Delian LeagueAthenian Empire Delian because the treasury was at Delos in the d
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