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Lecture 5


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Ephraim Lytle

CLA160H1S WEEK 5 CLASSICAL ATHENIAN CULTURE Required Reading Nagle AW pp 138155Athenian SocietyApproximately 50 of Athenian population was non citizensAthenians o Citizens o Women and children o Metics o Slaves o Freed menBesides obvious differences no characteristic distinctions to classify one as a citizen or a meticMain basis for social stratification was that of citizen and non citizenCitizenship The Inside TrackOnly Athenians could own land exercise all rights of membership and experience benefitsUntil 450 BCcould be considered a citizen if only father was AthenianAfter 450 BCboth parents had to be Athenian th On his 18 year potential citizens would submit application to demarch chief magistrate to be approvedrejected by deme assemblyChecks were done periodically to ensure that no registered citizens were underage or ineligibleOwnership of land was prerequisite o Considered only half a citizen if didnt own land tho Ceased to be a requirement by end of 6 centuryRich and Poor and the Athenian EconomyDistinction between rich and poor was very much alive in AthensConsidered chic to proclaim family name and maintain traditions and wealthAristocratic practices were questioned by middle class th 5 Century BCAthens was an empire o Greatly benefitted both rich and poor tho Rich became less supportive in 4 century when they had to pick up the tab for the fleetDemocracy did not remove distinction of wealth thth Athens became major commercial center in 4 and 5 century BC o Port was foremost in the Mediterranean o Little industrial concernfull time devotion to public careersAristocratic leadership was gradually passed on to members of the upper middle class
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