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University of Toronto St. George
Mark Easton

Wednesday, September 17, 2012 The education of Telemachus: POLITICS  Telemachus must also learn how to conduct himself within the political sphere  Odysseus is a master of public speaking, public assemblies  In Iliad 2, Odysseus takes charge at a critical juncture  The assembly of Odyssey 2 o This essential feature of Greek public life has been neglected in Ithaca since Odysseus’ departure o No one has contained these assemblies since he left o Now Telemachus needs to earn men’s respect through public speaking  The first speech: 2.41-85 o Passionate, bitter summary of telemachus’ plight, the suitors’ misdeeds o Everyone pities him o Ends with Telemachus overcome by the anger of a childish tantrum tears  Second speech o  third speech o Telemachus’ “form in his resolve” o Adopts a more conciliatory stance o To lull the suitors into a false sense of security? o To win the sympathy and support of the mass of ordinary Ithacans?  Story within a story o What is achieved by putting stories in characters’ mouths instead of Homer’s mouth? o How are these stories shaped by the narrator’s own expe
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