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CLA Unit 10

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CLA Unit 10 Haurirehaustum drink up drain eg exhaustion Hiarehiatum to open cfaperire hiatus opening Hiberna winter camp eg hibernate Homohominis human being cf GK anthropos eg homicide homo sapiens cf GK homos p 178 likeeg homogenous homosexuality humana usum human eg human humanities Terence homo sum humani nil a me alienum puto Hora hour eg hour Hortus garden eg horticulture Humerus upper arm eg humerus cf fermur Quiz Take up EX1indecisive notdown fromcutquality or nature of 4 marks h umere to be moist humor liquid 2 albescentwhiteprogressive or step Humida damp eg humour humid by steping or pres partic 3 marks 3 deciduous down from fall quality or nature of3 marks Humus soil eg humus posthumous 4 receptorbacktakeagent3 marks 5 quinquennialfiveyearhaving connection or pertaining to 3 marks Ireitum to go eg exit ambient coitus transition 6 articulationjoinsmallput into action Ignis fire eg ignite ignition or performaction or cond from act 4 marks Ilium flank half pelvis ALSO ileum lower small intestine eg iliofemoral corrbook iliocostal ALSO ileocecal ileorectal
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