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CLA204 13th class

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Betsy Bennett Purvis

June 12, 2013 CLA204 Week 13 The Trojan War June 3 until today-Quiz Heroes punish wicked, help good, and break moulds with their own behaviour. Reciprocity. Can be transgresive of same justice they do. Who is “Homer”? Iliad only tells about a small section of the Trojan war. Iliad talks abt 2 weeks period of 10yr war. Iliad ends before war does. Ppl say author is homer but that’s not accurate, much larger changing tradition. Wedding of Peleus and Thetis Thetis is an immortal nymph and a mortal human man Peleus. Zeus was interested in Thetis but if he had a child with her then their child would overthrow him. Hera is happy so throws a lavish wedding and so all gods are invited. Offspring of their union is Achilles Birth of Achilles Starring figure of Iliad and Trojan War. Tutored by wise centaur Chiron. Achilles is skilled in fighting, music and poetry. His mother seeing how extraordinary he is wants to make him immortal, she dips him in the river Styx (river of underworld were gods swear) the heel that she’s holding doesn’t become protected so only weak spot was his heel. She doesn’t succeed in making him immortal, he is more than average human beings, more invulnerable then others. Hecuba, Priam and Paris Paris is a Trojan from the other side of Aegean Sea. Hecuba is queen pregnant with Paris has dream gives birth to flaming torch goes to prophet, which tells her that if she lets him live, city of Troy will fall. Parents Priam and Hecuba give baby to shepherd that is unwilling to kill child so Paris grows up with the Sheppard. The Judgement of Paris All of the gods were invited to wedding except Eris the goddess of strife, she is annoyed so revenge is taking simple apple and attaches label to it that says “for the fairest one” and tosses it in the middle of the crowd, immediately Athena, Hera and Aphrodite claim apple was intended for them that they were the most beautiful. They go to Zeus, Zeus says he won’t make decision instead calls in Paris to make decision, Zeus whisks him from mountain and drops him in the middle of wedding. This was fated; part of way bringing destruction of Troy was being at wedding making decision. Paris asks them all to strip down, Paris still cant decide, Athena offers him the ability to be the most glorious general, Hera offers him to be a mighty king with political power, Aphrodite says if she is picked she will deliver to him the most beautiful woman in the entire world. Since he is a young kid, he chooses Aphrodite and accepts his reward. This is what causes Trojan War. June 12, 2013 Leda and the Swan Zeus appears as a swan to Leda, Leda gave birth to egg, Helen was inside, her father doesn’t know how to marry Helen off cuz every guy wants to marry her. Helen and the Oath of Tyndareus Tyndareus (Helen’s father) Odysseus says problem isn’t deciding who Helen’s husband will be, it should be who ever has the highest offer, the problem is how to deal with the other suitors who will be disappointed proposes oath whoever gets her everyone else cant steal her. Menelaus is the richest so he gets to marry her. And all other suitors agree if anything happens to Helen they will help get her back. The Abduction of Helen Myth is unclear if she was abducted or if she was forced to fall in love with Paris. Homer doesn’t make Helens though process clear. Helen does feel guilty ppl are dying to save her. Menelaus is upset and huge breach of hospitality; Zeus said Xenia must be respected. Menelaus calls on the suitors and they all gather armies and ships and sail to troy to get Helen back. The Greek Fleet at Aulis Agamemnon had to sacrifice his daughter Ipheginia to get the fleet to move cuz of Artemis Chryseis returned to Chryses Iliad starts with a quarrel. Agamemnon vs. Achilles. Achilles is the best fighter and he is the one who will win the war. Agamemnon has taken Chryseis she is a war captive and is a slave to Agamemnon her father Chryses has offered a huge ransom for his daughter, Agamemnon refuses, as a result Apollo who Chryses is a priest to, sends down a plague. Finally Agamemnon knows only way to stop plague is to give girl back but as a result he randomly decides he will take one of Achilles captive women Agamemnon Takes Briseis from Achilles Agamemnon is annoyed had to give back his girl (Chryseis) and Achilles is mad that Agamemnon took his girl (Briseis) τιμή (time) Honour= your worth as a warrior how respected and important you are to the army γέρας (geras) prize= in order to show you are the best warrior you have to have the most stuff, your worth is measured in how much material stuff you have as a result of being a hero and fighting. What he is doing is making Achilles less honoured by other soldiers in the army doesn’t have as many accomplishments. Achilles was going to kill Agamemnon Athena tells him not to, but Achilles decides instead to withdraw from the battle. Barely see Achilles for 16 books, sulking that his girl was been taken, sits in tent on June 12, 2013 beach angry he is dishonoured. Achilles says that Hector will kill many warriors and that Agamemnon and the other Achaeans will want Achilles to fight with them. Achilles Sulks in his Tent Achilles promises he wont go back to battle no matter how many ppl die, Agamemnon will need him and that he wont help. Plays lyre drinks wine. Showing unwillingness. Embassy to Achilles: Odysseys, Phoenix, Ajax Agamemnon offers Achilles in compensation far beyond what Agamemnon took from Achilles. Achilles in unwilling to go back to battle. Agamemnon doesn’t even go himself, he sends 3 men which try persuading him in diff ways, the best speaker Odysseus, then Phoenix Achilles tutor talks abt Achilles father, Ajax appeals to him as man to man. All three force him to reconsider but Achilles says no. Patroclus Approaches Achilles Achilles has a soft spot for Patroclus, probably had a romantic relationship, Patroclus tries to get Achilles to go back to battle, but fails, Achilles compromises and lets Patroclus wear his armour so that Trojans will fear him. Achilles’ Prayer Achilles prays to Zeus, Zeus agrees that Patroclus should drive the battle fighting from the ships, but not that he’s return in safety from the war. Death of Sarpedon Patroclus spears/kills Sarpedon and
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