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Oct. 23rd Heracles Bull: sacrifice to Poseidon 8. The Mares of Diomeds a wild uncivilized area according to the Greeks capture the man-eating horses of Diomedes Heracles sacks the city, captures the horses, gives them to his own horse to eat(?) on his way home he goes to his friend's house. The house is in mourning though; because his friend's wife is dead (she took her husbands place in death) Heracles wants to help. so he fights with "Death" when he comes to drag the wife's body to the underworld and defeats him ~~> immortality he gives back his friend's wife to him (reciprocity) picture: Heracles VS Death(winged) 9. The Girdle of Hippolyta take back girdle from the Amazons Amazons: lived in a very far away, scary, exotic place warrior women. good with bow and arrow cut off one breast (not a universal theme) Hippolyta: the queen of the Amazons he becomes her lover; Hippolyta agrees to give back the girl but (somebody) tells the Amazons that Heracles wants to abduct their queen, so they go to save her when they are together. Heracles thinks Hippolyta had lied to him, kills her, gets the girdle and runs away love and death 10. The cattle of Geryon Geryon: 3-bodied giant monster, grandson of Medusa he's scary => Gorgon face (shows his lineage ) lives on the island of which was all the way East, as far as the Greek knew Heracles in Africa: gets very hot, shoots an arrow to the sun of god. (Hera??) helps him get to the island picture: Heracles kills () and () girst -> figures in the ground Geryon: 2-bodied heracles: we know it's him because hie name is scripted kills Geryon, take the cattle, gets home, kills(sacrifices) the cattle geographical boun
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