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CLA 204 SEPTEMBER 19 2011 With eros had sexual rather than asexual with gaeaWatery substance stagnant motionless frequently water many but some not water different forms and order greek and near eastern neighborsTODAY Hesiod pp 84 asexual by gaiea bears Uranus mountains and Pontus the sea then mates with Uranus and produce sexually the titans cronus being the youngest oceanus hyperion sun titan rhea becomes mother of next generation and themis main role is another step of multiplication of the gods pattern from one to few to many Names of titans and gods early mean things in greek no clear distinction between elements and gods titans same identifies with natural elements and forces ourea mountains Earth is flat seas is the meditereanean mountains in the north below is taturus and oceanus flows around gaia over is the dome of the heaven key is that it touches the ocean in the far west and far east and they live in the high pointDome sun along dome to the east to west night sails back to start ether is the celestial light in dome of the he
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