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CLA204 SEPTEMBER 23 2011 CREATION OF HUMANS No single version various not reconcilable of one another In greek and near eastern two common patterns are 1 on agriculture and analogy with pottery Find divine elements such as breathe or spark some blood Current state did not arise right away were much better close to god then through sin or fallPromo fore rep humans as defender and creator other is after learner Trickster is a folktale motif in many even though it is a divine myth less easily in cronus and zeus and hermes is the next trickster godPattern of titan and Olympian and trickster and ogre hyperion old helios is newPromo was son od lapetus son of gaia and Uranus he sided with zeus and key to winning war and punishment was unjustP tricks zeus in division of meat ideological tale trick was given of dividing an ox one portion gave nice meat in stomach then all fat in bones and fat in one zeus chooses bones covered with fat why Greeks burn bones and fat zeus knows and chooses anyway humans got to eat good stuff and gave them toil and before humans did not have to toil Zeus punishment takes fire away from man Steals fire
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