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Claesson Welsh

Chapter 11Apollo The birth of ApolloDelos is the site of Apollos birthfind info on Apollos birth Apollo and DelosThe island of Delos was sacred to Apollo and is the location of one of his most important sanctuariesDelos was the home of Anius son of Apollo who was both his fathers priest and king of the island at the time of the Trojan WarHe had three daughters Elais olive girl Spermo seed girl and Oeno wine girl who received from Dionysus the powersAgamemnon attempted to compel them to go to Troy with the Greeks to supply the army with these provisions but once they refused Dionysus turned them into dovesDoves were sacrosanct at Delos ever sinceApollo and DelphiPythian Apollo is the god of Delphi The second part of the hymn tells how Apollo descended from MtOlympus discovering the proper spot for the foundation of oracle among humankind at CrisaApollo laid out his temple then slew a dragon by the stream nearbyThe name of the site was called Pytho because the rays of the sun made the monster rotA historical reconstruction of the evidence suggests that originally the site was occupied by an oracle of the great mother goddess of the MinoanMycenaean period sometimes known as GeThermisThe slaying of the dragon therefore represents conquest by Hellenic or Hellenized ApolloFor murdering the dragon Zeus sent Apollo into exile in Thessaly for nine years The omphalos the archaic stone shaped like an egg which was kept in the temple during the classical period seems to confirm an early habitation of the site Legend has it that this omphalos signified that Delphi actually occupied the physical center of the earth Zeus was said to have released two eagles who flew from opposite ends of the earth and met exactly at the site of Apollos sanctuary a spot marked out for all to see by the stone omphalos with two birds perched on either side After he had established his sanctuary at Crisa Apollo was concerned about recruiting attendants to his serviceHe noticed a ship passing manned by Cretans from Cnossus on its way to PylosApollo transformed himself into a dolphin and got on the ship and led them to CrisaThere he revealed himself and told them to worship him and places them in charge of his sanctuaryThe story links the early cult of Apollo with Crete explains the epithet Delphinius in terms of the Greek word for dolphin and provides and etymology for Delphi as the name of the sanctuaryThe oracle and the Pythia at DelphiPeople from all over the Greek world came to Apollo with questions of every sort both personal and politicalThe exactoracular procedures followed cannot be determined precisely but we know that the Pythia prophetess of Apollo uttered the responses of the godHer seat of prophecy was the tripod a bowl supported by three metal legsIt was a utensil of everyday life a fire could be lit beneath or inside the bowl and it could be used for other practical purposesIt was both a
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