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CLA204H1 February 14th Notes

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Regina Hoeschele

Dionysosroman name bacchus liberson of zeus Semele twice borngod of wine ecstasy god of irrationality and all of thatepiphet bromios noisy one who makes a lot of noisesymbols thrysus grapevine ivy leopard skin panther lionpatron of dramaBirth of DionysusHera got zeus to appear as true form to SemeleSemele burns apart as result of zeus true form the fetus is leftHermes takes the fetus and Zeus sews the fetus to his thigh and then dionysus was bornthis is why Dionysus born twiceanother story hera convinces titans to kill little dionysus out of jealousy that dionosysus is whores sonthe titan tears dionysus apart into little pieces before he dies completely Zeus saves his heart with help of some goddesses and remake Dionysusthis is another myth showing Dionysus born twiceDionysus gets to join the olympian family for some reason even though mom was mortal Hesphia has to leave to let Dionysus join the olympian 12 apparentlyHouse of CadmusCadmus is brother of Europa recall Europa girl that zeus rapedcadmus then goes to search for his sister and doesntoracle at delphi tells him to give up but to look for a cow with a white mark and finds a cityhe sees the cow gets men to get water from a cave where a dragon is they fight a dragon the dragon kills all except cadmus he eventually slays the dragonbut he has no men left so he takes the teeth of the dragona nd plants the teeth into the earth as seed the seed grows into new men out of the dragon teethon this land is where Thebes is foundat first these teeth men fight each other but eventually they remaining ones become the people of thebeslook at House of Cadmus family linenote Semele is granddaughter of aphrodite and Ares
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