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Lecture 7

CLA204 Lecture 7 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
A Keith

CLA204 Lecture 7 NotesGreek Heroes IIMeleager Orpheus Athens and TheseusMycenaean Bronze Age CentresAthensTheseusCalydonMeleagermet Herakles in the UnderworldCreteMinosMeleagerCalydonian Boar HuntMeleagerMeleagrosson of Ares of Oeneus king of Aetolian Calydonin voyage of the Argonautslist of heroes in Argonautsoverlaps with list of those in Calydonian Boar Hunt motherAltheaOeneusspurns forgot to sacrifice goddess Artemissends wild boar as revengeHomerMeleager goes to kill boarCuretes and AetoliansArtemis stirs up strife over the head and hide of the boarleads to violent battleMeleager fought and Aetolians are winningMeleager withdraws from battleangered at his mothershe curses him for the slaying of a brotherAetolians do not want to loseoffer gifts to Meleagermany entreat him to return to the battlefieldMeleager waits too long to agreewife tells him to go backno giftskilled by Apollo in epic versionsthis is the case with Achilles who also sulks and refuses to battle killed by mother in folktale versionsMagical TokenMoirai Fatespredict his life to be coextensive with log in the firewill live as long as the long survivesmotherAlthearemoves log from the fire and keeps it safeafter Meleager kills her brothers after the boar huntAlthea returns log to fireMeleager dies burned from withinAlthea ten kills herselfdeath of Altheas brothersaccidentally Bacchylides Ode 5out of love for Atalanta Ovid ApollodorusParticipants in the Boar HuntArgonauts participatingJasonMeleagerDioscuri CastorPolluxPolydeucesIdas and LynceusAncaeus killed by boarPeleusTelamonAdmetusMopsusone contemporary hero not in Argo voyage but in boar huntAtalanta
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