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CLA204H1 Last Lecture

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Regina Hoeschele

CLA204H1Last LectureTuesday April 3 2012Topics OVIDS METAMORPHOSES IIIBook 1215Exam CumulativeDefinitions Identification quotes context significance Essay or dialogue of mythical charactersRecall Book 11 story of Troy is a complexLearn of how Troy was originally founded and cheated Apollo and NeptuneStory of Thetis and Peleus another story of where Peleus hears about a wife who mourns for her dead husband then turns into a birdSon of Priam who was in love with a girl girl steps on snakes and jumps offMetamorphoses Book 1215 Look at Pentad as a wholeBook 11The first love story that leads into the Trojan War is when Peleus manages to rape Thetis in her normal form usually able to escape him through shape shiftingBook 14story ties back to Vertumnus but more a story of courtship and persuasion through nonviolence He can also shapeshift He is a god and when he finally shows his true form the girl falls in love with him by first sight Represents a Roman story it is more civilizedThe beginning of the Pentad to its finish is about the relationship of Achilles and his fatherThe end concludes with a son also greater than their father Augustus over Caesar Book 12 Ovid only represents stories that were not part of the Iliad he fills in the gaps References are always made but never gone into detail assumption that everyone knows this The Greeks in AulisThe Greeks are unable to set sail because there is no wind due to ApolloNeptune so a sacrifice must be madeIphigenia sacrificed order for the winds to set sail however at the very last minute Apollo substitutes Iphigenia for a deer The House of Fama RumourOne of the most memorable scenes of the Aeneid is the personification of Rumour there is more detail made of the house rather than her featuresOvid is competing with his predecessor Virgil The rumour is the Greeks are in Troy ready to besiege the city
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