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Lecture 7

CLA204H1F Lecture 7

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Jarrett Welsh

CLA204H1F L7; Oct. 25, 2012 The Trojan Saga Evidence of stories always colours the perspective were given on them ex. Justice, two irreconcilable right answers These stories tonight are coloured by the way epic poetry looks at the world o Fixations, ideas o Heroism not monolithic o The way a story told matters Cycles used often to describe legends o Conveys idea of revolving aspect all events of past roll back around into subsequent generations (ex. Miasma) Iliad & Odyssey 8 best poems about Troy Not a single narrative in antiquity broken up, dif artists take dif aspects at dif times, new ideas come up later than others o So tonight were given a master narrative that doesnt really exist, mostly Homeric Black-figure amphora Departure of a warrior Map of the Aegean Sea Unattributed Northwest border of Mysia Troy Ca. 520 BC Then Aulis (where Ipigenia sacrificed), then Athens to the London, British Museum B171 Trustees of the British Museum south Ask: What are the ideals bottled up in the Trojan war & participation in it? Who are the heroes? Who participates at the edges? What are the highlights & lowlights? An aerial view of the site of modern Hisarlik (ancient Troy, ?) and a schematic archaeological plan of that same site Connecting w history, human past Bronze Age, ~1200BC Evidence of an event at the place we now know is Troy o So we know a city of Troy was destroyed around this time Apulian loutrophoros (bath-water pitcher) Leda and the Swan (at bottom) But dont know whether this city was in any sense, the city The Painter of Louvre MNB 1148 that gave rise to the stories about the city Troy in the GreekCa. 350-340 BC Epics Malibu, Getty 86.AE.680 o Take w a big grain of salt Helens mother = Leda Stories told about a human past which may not have a proper Leda was very beautiful so attracted attention of Zeus connection w human past Zeus appears to Leda disguised as a swan has 4 children, o Role of truth doesnt matter including two eggs Lauis, Clytemnestra, Helen o What matters is that there is a story that was thought to be or not to be true Also digging at Mycenae Poetry reflecting & creating a world w particular obsessions o Ppls relationships, evil, obligations The Lead-up to the War Set things in motion o Obligation to a community Agamemnon & Mycenae o Curses of House of Atreus Helen o Leda, the swan, and the birth of Helen o Her eventual marriage o The Oath of Tyndareus o Abduction & the war that follows Apulian krater Birth of Helen (in comedy) Painter of Dijon Ca. 375-350 BC Bari, Museo Archeologico 3899 Castor & Polyduces Helen = most beautiful of the children Most beautiful woman in world attracts rich, wellborn men from all over Greece to her fathers (Tyndareus) palace o The Heroes of their generation The Oath of Tyndareus not known well by Homer Tyndareus problem: a lot of potentially angry suitors Odysseus solution: o Doubts hell win, doesnt hav the same excellence that Paris has a reputation of being a distinguished connoisseur of defines that other suitors the female form chosen to decide which goddess is the From Ithaca not famous, rocky fairest o The Oath of Tyndareus, for all suitors: if he lets Odysseu They each give him a gift to persuade him: marry his niece Penelope; Odysseus comes up w the oath o Hera offered power To defend the man who won Helen o Athena offered victory To join in rescuing Helen if she were abducted o Aphrodite offered most beautiful woman in the world The winner: Menelaus marries Helen Accepted on offer, she gave him Helen lived across o Once you swear an oath bound, problems if break (ex. the sea in Greece Alcmaon) But Helen already married Some stories say they strip Xenia (guest-friendship) time-honoured bond Xenos: guest-friend & foreigner A code of cordial hospitality extended to both invited guests & unexpected strangers Everyone must be welcomed as a guest, as if a friend Mythical/legendary justification: o If gods walk among mortals, theres no way of knowing whether the person at your door is a god in disguise This code (ideally) guides the bhvr of both guests & hosts o Expectation of hospitality Extended to Paris by Menelaus o Leaves Paris & Helen in his palace mutual attraction gather up all treasures in Palace leaves for troy o Leaves her obligation as a wife, her daughter in Sparta, Dinos her reputation The Wedding of Peleus & Thetis Sophilos Menelaus came back, realized Paris broke the laws of Xenia -> Ca. 580 BC calls on Agamemnon (his brother) for help recruit thise London, British Museum 1971.111.1 who swore the Oath of Tyndareus Trustees of the British Museum The Wedding of a Lifetime nearly everyone there Oath of Tyndareus o Goddesss Aris (discord, strife) absent outraged Invocation of the Oath of Tyndareus throws apple into scene for the fairest of them all (shouted or inscribed) Hera, Athena, Aphrodite claim Gathering of Helens suitors at Aulis 1 or 2 absent hero: Zeus stops, tell them they must see Paris (son of a o Odysseus Trojan king) Happened after Zeus wanted to take Thetis away but Zeus The Madness of Odysseus pretends to be mad since tired of fighting, settled down said shed produced a son mightier than his father Exposed by Palamedes: puts Odysseus baby in front of his plow avoids him o Achilles not bound by the Oath, was young when done The seer, Calchas said the Greeks will never capture Troy w/o Achilles Achilles, son of Thetis & Peleus Thetis tried to make Achilles immortal put him in fire at night to burn off mortality, anointed him w
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