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Lecture 9

CLA204H1F Lecture 9

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Jarrett Welsh

CLA204H1F L9; Nov 8, 2012 Theseus & Procrustes RF Kylix The Labours of Theseus: detail of Procrustes The Codrus Painter Ca. 440430 BC London, British Museum E84 Red-figure kylix tondo Vase above: Aegeus and the Pythia o Theseus looks young & heroic, swingly ax confidently The Kodros Painter against opponent Ca. 440430 BC o Opponent looks less heroic, older, shaggy unkept beard Berlin, Antikensammlungen F2538 No markers of civilization, doesnt show confident Messiness of earlier generations of lengendary past , ex. Argos, Thebes o Contrasts btwn them = intentional to convey superiority of Athens & Athenians compared to other Jumping over several generations to Aegeus takes over as places king of Athens Has married twice ut produced no children consuted oracle Theseus & Athens at Delphi tells him not to undue the wine-skins mouth til Stories of Theseus invented so that Athens (well grown, by he returned home took a detour to visit wiseman Pythias 500-600BC) would have a hero king of Troezen to ask what oracle meant Know the story was fabricated by Athenians o If Aegeus got drunk, would produce a child Have so much evidence for the story o The child would eventually be the king of Athens o Pythias got Aegeus drunk so hed sleep w his daughter Much Greek literature & art from Athens Local Labours o Vase painting = ominous moment How they used him to convey ideas about Athenian Since slept w unmarried daughter, o If the child was a boy, raise him without telling who superiority & their dominance over neighbouring cities Have other versions of stories told by non-Athenians father was, then send to Athens when older How to invent him o Left sword & sandals under a rock once could lift it, go to Athens to show is son of king Sword & Sandals Deeds of Theseus: Troezen to Athens Terracotta Campana plaque Red-figure kylix The Labours of Theseus Theseus lifting the rock First century BCFirst century AD The Codrus Painter London, British Museum 1893,0628.5 Ca. 440430 BC Trustees of the British Museum London, British Museum E84 Theseus lifting to rock to find the sword & sandals of Aegeus Trustees of the British Museum Depiction of Theseus & opponents fundamental contrasts His mother behind him Geography of legend: Delphi to Troezen to Athens o Easy & direct to go from Delphi to Athens o But instead goes to northeast Peloponnese to Troezan o Somewhat strange to take this kind of detour absurd tells us story invented o Aegeus need to be in Troezen to be connected w it by having a son born there so need the detour o So can tell Theseus was originally a hero of Troezen, but not originally a son of Aegeus; was found as a minor candidate to be Athens hero Athens invented this detour of the king o So Athenians inventing an earier legend about the paternity of Theseus to connect him to Athens Route to Athens labour of deeds along the way o Troezen Epidaurus Isthmus Crommyon Megara Eleusis Athens o Took a long dangerous land route instead of the short sea Red-figure kylix route 1. Theseus & Periphetes (right) [Theseus & [email protected]] o Conscious choice is telling the story this way gives theThe Pistoxenos Painter hero his challenges Ca. 475425 BC Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen 2670 o Theseus not just stolen by the Athenians, but also 1: Murder the robber Periphetes elevated by them (given a more challenging set of circumstances) o Kills him at city of Epidaurus o Periphetes likes to murder ppl w a club o Heracles first labour was also a a characteristic club, then wore a lion skin after So Theseus first labour is meant to connect w Heracles Theseus often carries this club that he killed Periphetes wDouris Ca. 485-480 BC London, British Museum E48 Trustees of the British Museum Theseus kills the robber Sciron captured travellers at the cliffs of Sciron o Made every traveller who passed by wash his feet (strange thing to do) o While theyre bent over washing his feet, he kicks them over the cliff eaten by man-eating turtle (tiny on the vase) o Theseus about to throw Sciron off the ciff o Theseus looks like a good Greek hero, Sciron looks uncivilized 5. Theseus & Cercyon 2, 3. Theseus & Sinis, and the Crommyonian Sow Red-figure kylix Red-figure kylix Labours of Theseus (Cercyon at centre
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