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Regina Höschele

CLA 219Women in AntiquityR Hschele112712GREEKEGYPTIAN QUEENSStandard essay OR Creative Dialogue for last part of the Final examGreekruled EgyptPtolemies Macedonianthrdst43 1 c BC323 BC death of Alex the Great start of the Hellenistic AgeAlex 333 Battle of Issusexpanded Macedonian empire all the way to the IndusoDied without an heirdivided between Ptolemy Egypt Seleucus Near East and Antigonus Macedonia Alexs generalsFounders of the Ptolemaic Seleucid and Antagonid dynastiesalways in confllictoThe three known as Diadochs successors306 BC they perceived themselves as kings rather than regentsPtolemy I Soter 323283 BCthe SaviourPtolemy II Philadelphus 283246 BCSibling loverPtolemy III Euergetes 246222 BCGood doerrdAlexandria during their rules became the cultural centre of the Mediterranean world 3 coMouseion place of the MusesmuseumGreat Alexandrian libraryoScholars collecting all Greek literaturecopy classify categorize comment add onLiterary scholarshipPtolemy I SoterFounder of the Ptolemaic dynastyRuled Egypt from 323283 BCDeified together with Berenike 279 BC theoi stresoVeneration of mortal heroes so not so hard for Greeks to see them as godsGreek rulers seen as pharaohsappropriate Egyptian iconography interact with Egyptianslanguage culture etcSon from marriage with Eurydice daughter of Antipater Ptolemaios Keraunos ThunderboltChildren with Berenike I Ptolemy II Philadelphus and Arsino IIPtolemaic festival every 4 years established by his son 279 BC celebrated 283 beforeUnion of love him and Berenikedivorced Eurydice because he fell in loveTheocritus Bucolic poemspastoral genre later taken up by VirgiloIdylls collection of worksoAlso wrote texts nonbucolic stylePanegyric song of praiseto Berenice Idyll 17oGreat beauty associated with AphroditeoSupport this image of them as loving coupleoDivinity granted gods favor her especially Aphrodite saved her from crossing AcheronPtolemy II PhiladelphusMarriage with Arsino I daughter of Lysimachus son Ptolemy III EuergetesMarriage with Arsino II his sister former wife of Lysimachus then of Ptolemaios KeraunosHe and Arsino II came to be worshipped as the Theoi Adelphoi siblingloving gods
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