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University of Toronto St. George
Regina Höschele

Aristophanes – Lysistrata Satirical comment (direct attacks of prominent politicians) ways to end the Peloponnesian war; this is the old comedy of Athens. A comedic suggestion of how to end the war and its’ outcomes. Gynaecocracy – A rule by women: So this suggestion is that women take over and rule Athens; Proboulos: an older, well regarded man (413: they make a council to debate shiz before it gets to the general assembly.) Lysistrata written in 413 by Aristophanes; A 400 person oligarchic committee (410 they gave that idea up) Comedic Idea: Women are on sex strike until they get what they want. It’s difficult – the women want sex too! Relating to article: Colombian gangsters face sex ban “The ban of crossed legs”. BBC News The Lysistrate anti-war project 2003. “Wench War-Fare”, “The only bush I trust is my own”, “Come and get a peace of me”! Rakd Konigs – Lysistrata – a movie. Giant Phallous on the cover. Performed in 411 (same time as his other play based of the Demeter fall 3 day festival – women vs Euripides) Two times people performed plays. Festival in Janurary (just for Athenians) and Larger festival for other cities. Young women refused sex, old women took the treasury – The acropolis. They paralized the oikos and the polis. Chorus is split in two. Old men and Old women; Actors who speak (in iambs – day to day speech) and Chorus who sings (in lyric meters). In tragedies – actors act and then chorus sings and narrates. Similar to comedies. Chorus usually isn’t split. Name Lysistrata – meaningful. Stratus – strategy; and army. Lys- solving. Therefore: the woman who solved the war; Possibly an illusion to the priestess as the Athena Polis: Lysimache; (Lysistrata’s assistant and priestess of Athena Niche similar name) Niche = Athena victory. In cult women did have important civic functions. Amazons* They invaded Attica after Theseus raped an Amazonian woman. They invaded – but were repelled. Lemnos – Island of Vulcan: Women offended Aphrodite; she makes them smell awfully. All the other men took other women – they get pissed and kill off all the men. The Argonauts come and they reproduce and then the Argonauts leave. Beginning of the Play: into has to be interesting! A prologue to explain what’s going on. One single figure to give a monologue
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