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Lecture 4

Week 4: Women and Religion Detailed continuation of both last week's notes (Roman Households) and this week's notes, which include the Pantheon, Festivals, Oracles, Vestal Virgins, and more. Again notes were taken both in class, and additional notes were

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Melanie Racette- Campbell

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October 7 2010Kaloikagathoinoblemen the beautiful and the goodAssumed people who were good and beautiful were also rich just how their minds workedSocrates called Isomachus kaloikagathoiOeconomicus written by Xenophon both Plato and Xenophon use the character to SocratesNo space specifically set aside as womens spacesPerhaps in the homes of the very wealthybut these spaces couldnt have been that commonRoman Domesticity and Domestic SpaceBelieved they treated their wiveswomen differently than the Greeks didBelieved that displaying the virtuous activities of their women was a reflection of the virtue of the household see womens work as important but ultimately functioning in making the mens lives bettera virtuous wife was a status symbolRoman women believed their lives were freer than those of Greek wives believed their wives were somehow more virtuous than Greek womenRoman women eat with the men even if theyre at parties even with men that werent a part of their family unlike Greek womenTraditionally Roman women would sit on stools while men reclined on couchesFor proprietys sakePart of a mans virtue and standing in his community was having a wife that behaved properly could be seen sitting at her loom weaving supervising slaves and doing things that wives were supposed to doGreeks appreciated and expected this but Romans put this on displayGreek men especially political men tended to conduct their business in public areas of their cityRoman men especially important Roman men would do this as well but theyd also have people come into their homesRoman men had a salutagio where they would sit in the morning where clients would come and visit could be economic politicaletcMade a Roman house less strictly private than a Greek houseRoman women didnt seem as confined to the household than Greek womenLeaving the home for shopping etc wasnt looked down upon in Rome as it was in Athens for Athenian womenRoman women in charge ofWoolworkingbig thingIf women werent doing anything else they should be working woolIe vase of prostitutes spinning wool while waiting for clientsShe worked wool was frequently found on gravestonesalmost like shorthand for she was a good womanFood preparationTook more time in premodern era unless family was fairly wealthy and could afford a freestanding oven in their home baking was done outside of the homeKitchens in homes that could afford it could be fairly hugeto provide food for everyone who worked thereMost work in kitchen probably done by slavesperhaps supervised by woman of the houseFire hazard kitchen located near edge of the houseUsually had a type of grillMade up bread dough and took it to a baker who would rent space in their ovenFast food spaces in RomeWomen generally oversaw everything that went on indoors wealthy women probably didnt do much work themselvesRoman FarmsMost slaves working on a farm would be malesome women would be there though as wives for working overseers of the farmOverall similar to Greek farm homesHouse PlansDomus latin for houseLike a single family home would be more than a nuclear family also slaves other dependentsInwardlooking not many outward windows like Greek homesAtrium central hall of house partially open to sky pool in middle where rainwater is collected and its from the atrium where all other rooms get light and airThis is where a Roman man would have clients come in and speak with himThis is the public face of a houseWhere family would keep more important possessions if family was rich would have masks of ancestorsWeaving cooking anything would be done in here if weather was goodBesides entrance atrium and dining room many other rooms were multipurposeLater some wealthier Romans could afford to build larger homes based on the traditional core of the home peristyle housePeristyle more intimate kind of meeting space where youd more have your friends dinner parties Garden space with a covered walkway open with colonnades on the side withrooms coming off of the sidesThought of Peristyle addition as being more Greek
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