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Week 7: Women and Work Notes on the week's topic, outlining women's various work roles in ancient Greece.

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University of Toronto St. George
Melanie Racette- Campbell

November 11 2010Women and WorkWomen have ALWAYS had to work outside the homeHeld jobs that were usually not particularly prestigious and were somehow connected with womens roles in the homeFood and clothing preparation cleaning clothing children and childbirth adornment jewellery etcBUT there were also some women in antiquity who were doctors landownerswho managed their own estatesA few wealthy women managed to have a great income and manage their own estatesIn this lecture counting slave workers as workers though they werent usually paidin the Middle Ages and later on usually this work was done by poor people who were paid ie servantsUsually slaves werent paid but there was a particular Roman custom that involved giving slaves a peculiumTips or wages that were given to slaves to be used on their ownCould be saved and used to buy their freedomWas an incentive for good behaviourTechnically all possessions of a slave belonged to their master many Romans allowed slaves to keep possessions of their ownSlave labour was wide
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