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Archaic Greece

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Dimitri Nakassis

Wednesday October 511Introduction to Greek HistoryD NakassisArchaic Greece750480 BCDated from the first Olympiad in 776 BCSources1 Later prose historyOral traditions and history2 PoetryContemporaryAuthored by particular individualsThe PolisMade of1 An urban centre astuThis is negotiable could have been a cluster of villages2 A territory choraTogether these two constitute a political communityNot referred to a state but the people withinIe the Athenians not Athens the Torontonians not the city of Toronto The average polis was small230910 male citizens on 2550 sq kmAristotles ideal polis had 5001000 households on 50 sq kmPoleis were politically autonomousA tightly knit communityCitizenshipEvery citizen had to fight in the armyProvided their own armsCitizens had the right to vote and hold office according to their stationSometimes owning land was a stipulationThe Assembly EkklesiaMeeting of all the citizens for votingDifferent assemblies have different rulesAny citizen can speak or bring forward an issueRegular meetingsGenerally the more democratic the more meetingsTheognisHe is upset that the kakoi are now considered more noble than some agathoi and the poorer agathoi are now considered wretchesPoverty destroys agathosEven if you are noble if youre not wealthy you have no voiceThe poorer you are the less of an influence on the community you haveMoney is now more important than good birth
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